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 Investors in Chinese superior electrical car manufacturer NIO (NYSE NIO) are becoming excited about the Up-coming NIO Day (place to happen on Saturday, Jan. 9) and that will involve a collection of brand fresh goods and company statements from the business. For the writing, NIO stock is up about 8 percent on the last trading day before this function.

NIO Day can be an extremely optimistic catalyst for the NIO stockexchange. That is As the provider is reportedly compiling a brand new sedan which may work as a bridge to get NIO exploding into the mainstream automobile market, a brand fresh battery package which should be noticeable because of the most useful the EV market offers, and also a chemical update to its battery-as-a-service app, which will lower costs and accelerate installation.

If you think that NIO is a miniature -Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) from the manufacturing — that can be a completely Plausible belief — the brand’s newest NIO sedan unmasked in NIO Day can perform to Chinese EV-maker what the Model S did Elon Musk & Co.

This is, Tesla sold plenty of Model S’s cars. However, more importantly, the Model S gave Tesla a functional base for building a power wheelchair, which functioned as the foundation for Tesla finally making a cheap electric sedan from Model 3.

Model 3 has been an enormous victory for Tesla. It’s the automobile that Propelled Tesla out of its previously premium market, into the mainstream automobile marketplace. Any fair debate could posit that the Model 3 has been that the contested catalyst for TSLA stock breaking over a previous couple of decades.

A brand fresh NIO automobile can do the specific same to get NYSE NIO stock.

The automobile is supposed to maintain the F-segment, therefore equal to a BMW 7 series. It is going to probably be a rather costly car booked for wealthy people. NIO will sell lots of cars to wealthy customers in China. This is fantastic news.

However, the better thing is the automobile provides NIO a functioning base Into (perhaps in 20-22 or even 20 23 ) unveil a cheap electric automobile — it’s variant of this Model 3. This car is the major thing. This car is what’s going to provide NIO stock solid long-term visibility like a significant player within the worldwide EV marketplace.

The NIO sedan unveil is just a large first step into this way. Therefore, It’s a significant reason to be bullish on the NIO stock exchange. Before investing, you can check its balance sheet at

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