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Mobility scooters are a great alternative to wheelchairs they require less strength to operate, primarily because they are battery powered. There are many kinds of batteries however, and how well you choose will determine how much power you get off your scooter as well as how long it will last. Here are some tips to guide help you choose the best batteries

Look at price for mobility scooter batteries, the more expensive they are usually the better their quality. Of course this alone should not guide you to any singular battery, but look out for cheap batteries they will need a lot of recharging and you will have to replace them before long.

Check the return policy because sometimes batteries fail before their warranty period is up. Also look out for vague return policies a good one should be very clear that in the event of failure, you will get a replacement without any trouble.

Know what kind you need. There are two kinds one kind requires that you use them in doubles because their power output is 12 volts, like the Leoch 12V 55ah or the Leoch 12V 42ah. You will always need them in pairs. The other kind has an output of 24 volts so you only need the single one, like the Leoch 12V 13ah. Buying the wrong one, especially the lower voltage will mean that your scooter cannot power.

Look for a combination of high performance and long life. You can read online reviews and you can also ask from where you bought your scooter they will usually have good information on where to get the best accessories.

You need to know what kind of batteries will work best in your weather. Some will not charge properly if it is extremely cold Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM) are recommended as they are stable. You have to be careful with them though as they can easily overcharge.

Gel batteries are a very stable option they can endure a lot of charging cycles. If you use your mobility scooter often, these are an excellent choice.

There are some battery brands that are known for their excellent performance and reasonable pricing, like the Numax range. They will keep running for a long time, they retain their charge for quite a while and they can withstand many charge cycles. The Haze and Lucas range are also in this category.

Don’t shop for mobility scooter batteries when you are under pressure. Always have a spare, and if you find something that works, stick with it.

In the year 1968, an interesting equipment for wheelchair-confined people was invented. Entrepreneur and inventor Allan R Thieme developed the first ever mobility scooter called the Amigo. Since then, people with evident walking limitations have found the hope they need to be able to get the mobility they want with utmost convenience.

Amigo was made to help one of the family members of Mr Thieme. Thus, it was inferred that the drive to develop and invent the device was spurred by the need to provide help and assistance to that family member. From then on, mobility scooters’ popularity spread like fire. From the United States, mobility scooters became a headline news and started soliciting interest from other countries globally.

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