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Google’s Chrome browser has been present in my desktop for many months now and I only use it when I feel that the other browser is not working for me. It has very sleek features, I give you that, but other than that, I cannot find any more fruitful use of the Chrome browser until now.

The reason why all of a sudden the Google Chrome browser has proven to be an important tool for me other than surfing the internet is that it just freshly made available some very, very practical and functional plug-ins and tools that will benefit a lot of search engine optimization business owners like me and the great advantage of the Google Chrome browser is that it still has the old tools that we generally use plus a new arsenal of tools that we can now employ to expand our search engine optimization efforts. There are so many advances happening on the internet world that we can barely keep up with the changes and now that Google Chrome is here with its new set of plug-ins and still carrying along the old useful ones, we can now perform our search engine optimization tasks a little bit easier.

For example, the Google Chrome search engine optimization extension offers trouble-free and uncomplicated entry to a lot of search engine optimization tools that can greatly assist a budding or an expert online marketer with his or her daily search engine optimization tasks such as back link checks, keyword research, and competitive analysis and these data need to be accessed using other specialty tools since it is readily made available on the Google Chrome plug-in. Now this special function shaves off a lot of time used in accessing other specialty tools to gather pertinent data to reach a conclusion on what to do next in your campaign.

Another very useful SEO tool is the Kuber PageRank Chrcker which shows the user the Google PageRank of all the web sites beside the address box and this puts the user in an advantageous position. In the event that the PageRank is not available, this wonderful tool will show the rank of the domain itself giving you an idea on how this site is placed on the search engine list.

SeaQuake is a very popular Chrome SEO extension which is specifically designed for webmasters who are into promotion of web sites and search engine optimizations. This search engine extension is an all inclusive package that can be used to study, collect, and store data which can be used in the future as benchmark and point of comparison for other competitive projects.

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